Don't miss Bold Strokes Books 12 May 2020 release of EVERYDAY PEOPLE: SINS OF THE FATHER. A modern detective thriller, Everyday People is Barr's debut novel.

Everyday People

Film star Diana Danning hires private eye Clint Steele to find her son, Shane, who vanished after leaving a Hollywood dive bar. The cops suspect Shane disappeared by choice; until Clint and Diana receive a late-night call from Jud Tucker, the most under-the-radar serial killer since Patrick Bateman. Tucker demands five million-dollars within twenty-four hours, or nobody will ever find Shane's body.

With no time to lose, Clint turns to his former West Point barracks mate and best friend, Mars Hauser to lend his cyber espionage and digital black ops skills to the case. As Clint, Mars, and Captain Flynn race against time to rescue Shane and bring Jud Tucker to justice, their greatest threat may be much closer than they know.


Author Bio

Louis Barr worked in civil rights bills and legislation for forty years, advocating for equal opportunities in housing, employment, education, public transportation, voting and other concerns. He has served as an ESL teacher, a volunteer crisis counselor, a White House consultant, a corporate ADA trainer, and was among President George H. W. Bush's first "1000 Points of Light."  

Barr enjoys music, gardening, and writing modern detective thrillers with plot twists and surprise endings. He is married and resides in suburbia, where he and his better half are owned by their two cats.

He also enjoys hearing from his readers, but believes things such as cell phones (he refuses to own one), text messaging, and social media are definite indicators of civilization’s decline.

But you can send Barr a letter by old-fashioned email at: louisbarrauthor@gmail.com



Sins of the Father

A Modern Detective Thriller

by Louis Barr

It’s impossible to predict the outcomes of our decisions in relation to life’s vagaries. A line from Virgil's Aeneid provides the epigraph and theme of Everyday People: Sic volvere Parcas (So Spin the Fates).

Everyday People offers a twisting plot and compelling story lines; a cast of memorable, fully-developed multicultural characters; as well as humor, heartache, celebrity, action, and intrigue.

Airline pilot SHANE DANNING never needs to ask for sex. And he knows it. After a long day of flying some not-so-friendly skies, Shane leaves a Hollywood dive bar alone, and commits the unthinkable for a native Angelino: He begins walking home. 

Then Shane vanishes like smoke in the night. 

There’s no evidence of foul play and, more important, no ransom demand. LAPD CAPTAIN HAL FLYNN thinks Shane’s disappearance is nothing but another Hollywood prince blowing town on his own volition. After Shane has been missing for five days, movie legend DIANA DANNING asks private investigator CLINT STEELE to find her son. 

West Point grad, and former Delta Force sniper, Clint Steele now focuses on finding missing people. But he doesn’t want to take the high-profile Danning case. By all appearances, he’s on top of his game. But two years after the death of Sierra, his wife, he’s a chronic insomniac haunted by echoes and apparitions of the lost love of his life. 

But Clint’s movie director father discovered Diana when she was barely sixteen, and made her an international star. Clint agrees to search for Shane.

Clint follows a trail of rumors, lies, and the conflicting statements of two eyewitnesses who told police they’re almost certain they saw Shane getting into a van a few blocks from the bar. 

When Shane is positively identified in Laguna with a forty-something companion, Captain Flynn closes the missing person case. But Diana wants Clint to continue searching for her son; and once found, she wants him to convince Shane to come home. 

While shaking down Shane’s house, Clint finds a locked tablet and a hidden, password-protected flash drive. He knows who can unlock both. 

Metro hip technology nerd MARS HAUSER is Clint’s best friend, and former West Point barracks mate. When Mars isn’t working on a sketch or oil painting, tending his backyard gardens, or fighting with his Beverly Hills’s homeowners association; e.g., neighbors accuse him of hogging all the butterflies and hummingbirds because he grows too many plants that attract them; he’s planning and executing cyber espionage and digital black ops for “Uncle Sugar.” Mars unlocks the tablet and flash drive in seconds. 

The tablet includes candid photos of Shane and his playmates —some movie/TV/music stars, and two high-jingo politicians, any of whom could have arranged for Shane’s disappearance. And what Clint discovers on the flash drive could lead to extortion and the destruction of Diana’s film career. 

Diana gets an O dark hundred call from her son’s extreme-gaming kidnapper, JUD TUCKER. He wants five million-dollars for Shane’s safe return. 

Clint is given just one gaming challenge: he must discover where Shane is hidden within twenty-four hours; otherwise, no one will ever find Shane’s body.

Clint teams with Mars and Captain Flynn to find kidnapper Jud Tucker, the most under-the-radar killer since Patrick Bateman. Tucker will seize any reader’s attention and run wild into the night with it. 

Other characters include: IAN STEELE, Clint’s six-year-old son; HOPE WHITMAN, Clint’s seventy-year-old detective agency partner who’s married to STELLA HARRISON, Ian’s home teacher-nanny; carpenter and actor wannabe, RAOUL MARTINEZ, fears his dreams of a film career may need to be reduced to underwear modeling; next-door neighbor, DARLA WONG, former sixties flower child, now doing business as DARLA LOVE, the “Astrologer of the Hollywood Stars”; VONA STEELE, movie producer-director, and co-owner of Steele Productions with her nephew Clint; GRANT STENTON, psychiatrist with paraplegia, helps Clint to turn the page on his grief; the cross-dressing “Queen of Snark,” KRISTOPHER/KRISTINA MORGOTTI, delightfully bitchy Hollywood gossip columnist; and Native American JOHN “JANE WAYNE” DAY CHILD, male to female transgender, and Steele Productions’s “fixer” of stars’s busts and other embarrassing problems. 

I’ve omitted most of the story’s major plot points; after all, Everyday People is first and foremost a thriller. The story lines bring a climax some readers might predict; but a final plot twist leads to a denouement that even lovers of the genre won’t see coming. 

I’ll also mention the villain gets his comeuppance. And Clint recaptures the love he’d somehow lost sometime somewhere along the way.